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What is your attitude? Kim Radok July, 2012

What is your attitude?

We know that having a positive attitude is so important in everything you do in business. Nowhere is your attitude more important, than when contacting your customer about unpaid invoices.

Your attitude is so important when making these telephone contacts because it reflects how you are perceived. If for instance, you are afraid of your customer or lack confidence, your demeanour will be reflected in your telephone conversation.

Therefore if your customer  becomes aware of your lack of confidence, they can quickly turn the situation from where you have a position of equality, to one where they dominate the conversation.

On the other hand, if your demeanour is quietly assertive, the customer perceives you are not frightened of them or of your message.

There is no reason to fear the customer’s displeasure or angst about your telephone call for unpaid invoices. You have every right to make these contacts. These telephone contacts are part of every business relationship.

Therefore, always approach every telephone contact with an attitude which suggests you have the right to make these contacts.

There is an excellent Blog on Credit Matters by Geoff Flemming titled Attitude and Attitude. If you would like more information about the importance of managing your attitude, Geoff's article is worth a read.