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Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable - The Jobs With Business Potential Kim Radok March, 2016

In far too many business organisations, the work of accounts employees is often deemed to less valuable than that completed by other employees. Where such a situation exists, there is the perception, the accounts payable and receivable employees do not add any value to the business and get in the way of sales.

Employees experiencing these situations often find the work can be frustrating and feelings of inadequacy may form. In turn, this affects their performance and emotional well-being and they may have difficulties in effectively managing their work and personal lives in the long-term.

If you find yourself working in these circumstances, two options exist. The first option if your state of affairs permit, may be to seek another job within the business, or elsewhere. Staying within such a difficult work environment is not healthy for your long-term well-being.

On the other hand, you may believe you have no other short-term option. To manage the short-term positively and make your work meaningful can be difficult. All is not lost however if you take a long-term view and adjust your mindset.

In my mind. there is no better place to learn more about people and the business process than within accounts payable and accounts receivable operations. Although often not recognised or understood; accounts payable and accounts receivable employees are actually at the epicentre of the business enterprise.

The actions of suppliers and customers provides wonderful insights on business behaviour which is invaluable to the person with ambition and an "eyes wide open" work philosophy. In an ever changing business world, such insights may lead to other more interesting career possibilities.

We all will work in less pleasant environments during our careers from time to time. Losing heart which impacts negatively on your professionalism and work ethics, is fraught with danger for your long-term well-being. There are always opportunities to learn to work positively in even the worst of job environments. The secrets of survival include always looking for the positive opportunities which might be available for your long-term career and to maintain your professionalism.

In today's world you are no longer necessarily defined by the work you did yesterday. You are now free to reinvent your career in whatever way you chose. When you find yourself in difficult work situations, I would like to encourage you to consider your current accounts payable and accounts receivable work as maybe just a stepping stone to somewhere better.

If you would like to discuss possible opportunities further, you can always contact Kim via for ideas and support.