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Managing Our-Self Doubts When Telephoning A Customer Kim Radok August, 2013

There are two types of telephone calls, those that we like and those we dislike.

We can easily make a telephone call when it involves something of interest to ourselves, or when we feel comfortable about the subject. For instance, we make a telephone call in response to a referral, and that is okay because of the 'invitation' to make the call.

On the other hand, there are telephone calls which we intensely dislike so much that we cannot force ourselves to make the call. This 'dislike' usually occurs because of two reasons.

1  We have some misgivings about the reason of the call.

2  We may believe the subject matter is 'a difficult subject' which challenges our beliefs.

Cold calling for a sale or making a telephone call for the unpaid invoice, are two good examples of why we may dislike making the call.

However making a telephone call about business 'matters' is a normal function of business. The difference between making telephone calls which we like and dislike comes down to one factor. That factor is about managing our own attitude and removing the negative perceptions we have built up and which have caused these difficulties.

Therefore when making a cold sales telephone call or for an unpaid invoice, the secret in making a successful call,  is being able to manage your negative perceptions and self-doubts.

There is nothing nasty about making a cold sales call or asking for the money which is owed to your business. The telephone call in these situations is always a positive action and a normal business activity.

Once you convince the caller to manage their negativity and see the positive aspects of the call, almost anybody can make those telephone calls.