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Preparing For Rejections And Dealing With Difficult People Kim Radok October, 2016

The professional credit / accounts receivable person over time becomes relatively expert at handling unusual situations when making contact for the unpaid invoices. For the uninitiated, the situation can become somewhat daunting. The answers they hear can be anywhere from plainly stupid to outright aggressive. It is learning how to deal with these situations which helps them become a more professional accounts receivable / credit professional.

As you deal with more customers, you will start to hear their stories about why they haven't paid, will not pay or why there will be a further hold up in making payment. In time, you will start to see the "themes" behind their answers, and as you become more professional, to deal effectively with those situations.

Another positive learning strategy action is to take notes and then refer to these notes periodically. Notes are invaluable in helping you to learn effectively how to manage those unusual conversations. Even better, by building up your own library of excuses and feedback received from customers, your customer contacts become more effective.

In the face of aggression, the situation is different. There is no place for aggression in the business environment and management should have provided strategies to deal with these situations.

To be the best professional when contacting for unpaid invoices, involves learning how to deal with customers especially when confronted by unusual questions and answers. In time, you can manage almost any of these situations. You need to work at it however by preparing your own learning materials and strategies.

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