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Knowing Your Customer Kim Radok January, 2014

Professional credit / accounts receivable employees have learnt over the years, every customer is different. Therefore their telephone conversations will be tailored to suit the customer they are about to contact for the unpaid invoice(s).

In the case of newcomers to the profession, or for business owners, this is a skill which needs to be learnt if you are going to succeed in making a successful telephone call.

It is no good going in to the conversation with one fixed approach which suits all people in all situations or for all customers. Scripts are fine to a point when contacting customers. However I prefer scripts to be used as part of the employee's total learning experiences rather than in day to day use.  Unfortunately scripts may unduly influence the caller's attitude and listening ability during the telephone call and lead to unforeseen consequences.

There are however essential words or phrases which will be used in some were in nearly every conversation.


There or it appears ...

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In the coming blogs, I will cover customer centric specific situations. However if you are looking for further guidance you can always contact me at