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Helping Accounts Payable Do Their Job Better Kim Radok April, 2016

Accounts payable professionals are people, just like you. Therefore, one of the best ways a credit or accounts receivable professional can improve their cashflow and payment of outstanding invoices is to work with their customers' accounts payable people.

We live in a business world where credit or accounts receivable employees like yourself are often undervalued and under resourced. You will find, accounts payable professionals are often in the same situation. When you help them work more efficiently via friendly and efficient contacts, more often than not, they will reciprocate. After all, people generally support people who help them.

Another advantage of helping accounts payable people work better is if they feel valued. When this occurs, they are more likely to be honest with you about the best way to deal with their business. Such information is always invaluable for you and your career.

How might you assist your accounts payable contact to work with you better?

Number one - always be polite. Manners go a long way, and even in this modern world, are not out of date. Therefore, say "please" when asking for help and don't forget to say "thank you" when you receive assistance.

Two, when making enquiries about your outstanding invoices, send invoice copies. This is a good strategy to help your contact work more efficiently. Sending invoice copies also cuts down the endless enquiries for invoice copies caused by any organisational inefficiencies and the delaying tactics of "We haven't received a copy of the invoice."

Three, always answer their enquiries as quickly as possible, or at least acknowledge receipt of their enquiry. In particular, respond to all requests for invoice copies in the same day if possible.

Four, follow up all outstanding enquiries and keep the customer informed of any issues which may delay in responding with a conclusive reply.

These simple guidelines for helping your accounts payable contact, more often than not, results in a better return of service. One major benefit will be the need to make repeat contacts for outstanding invoices. You will also find an improvement in your cashflow because payments are received more quickly for any unpaid invoices.

If you would like to discuss how best to assist your accounts payable contacts to work better with you, contact Kim via for additional ideas and support.