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Timing The Telephone Call (1) Kim Radok October, 2012

Timing The Telephone Call (1)

To make an effective telephone call you must make the telephone call for the unpaid invoice(s) when the appropriate person is available - not just when it suits you.

It is not unusual for the micro or the business owner or their manager in a smaller business to make the telephone call when the customer or their representative is not available.

Why is this so? 

The problem is that the business owner or their employees are focused on quoting, or supplying goods and services to another customer. It is only when there is a lull in this other work, they make the telephone call. It does not matter whether the time is right or not. In the mind of the business owner it is the only time they have to make the telephone call.

If you want to make a timely and effective call for the outstanding invoice(s), you need make it when your customer's representative is available to take the call.